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Update for zyrc
Hello to all of zyrc's fList!

Sorry it's so late, but I just now got home. I saw Cris this afternoon about 2pm and she was pretty tuckered out. And, of course, by "tuckered out", I mean completely high on pain meds. :D

I brought her some gifts from the overly priced gift shop including a stuffed something-o-saurus (triceratops, maybe), the National Enquirer*, a word seek, and a pen shaped like an IV needle. Cris took the stuffed dinosaur, made a squinty face and said something that wasn't quite English. She then informed she was going back to sleep and I could now leave.

I was glad to find out that she had a friend from school who had been with her all day since the surgery and that other folks from the dept. were splitting up a schedule for the next few days to keep an eye on her.

I will probably be going back up tomorrow to see how she's doing and, if she's up to it, I may take a picture with her new stuffed friend and post for everyone. We'll see. Either way, I will update again this weekend.

*Upon receiving the gossip mag, our dear friend asked if it had an update on TomCat.


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