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2nd Update for zyrc
Sorry folks, but I don't have a picture for ya. I completely forgot the camera.

Christi (my gf) and I went up today around 11am to visit zyrc. She's doing 100% better today and even got up for a wee bit of exercise!! Cris was scheduled to go home on Monday, but it looks like she will be released tomorrow (Sunday) instead because of how quickly she's recovering. Another friend from ND arrived just after we did and is staying with her until around 2pm and then, I guess, there's a long list of others still coming in later.

Anyway, she's doing well and is mostly back to her regularly amusing self. Oh, and she is planning on watching the OSU/Michigan game this afternoon.

That's it for now. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to take that hospital picture tomorrow before she's released.



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