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Credits: Banner (by request) created by baby_scarling of _premadelayouts

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Let me see your journal, Karrie!

Hey, this is Jess, your fellow New Views editor. Want to add me?

Hey, you were in my friend's list for a long time and since I was doing some cleaning up I found your name on my list and figured out you had made your journal F.O. May I please be added back?

I like your new layout btw.

awww well thank you, I needed something different yet pleasing to the eyes.


hey, i wouldn't mind being added to your flist, but i wanted to ask you a few questions about being alternative in south bend. i'm a prospective grad student at a school out there, and i wonder if it's possible to be out there. ;-)

if you wouldn't mind commenting back with a good way to reach you, or leaving same in my LJ, or adding me, that'd be great.

Well, hello. I added you, because you seem interesting and I like making new acquaintances.

I'm assuming that the school you're referring to is ND, b/c Indiana University - South Bend (IUSB) is a bit under the radar screen... at least if you're coming from CO.
You can e-mail me at if you have specific questions about the area. I'd be happy to fill you in.
To answer your first question, yes, it's pretty easy to be "out" in this area. The community and awareness of the community (in terms of tolerance and allies) has been growing strongly over the last two or three years.
The environment on ND's campus is a bit more tricky due to the C. environment, but the students and even a lot of the faculty are really fab-u-lous.

If you have more questions, I'll look for them in an e-mail.
Nice to meet you!

Hey Karrie,
This is Kristy...can I friend you on here? :)

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